Monday, February 17, 2014

I really don't care

It's funny when you don't go on a site for a long while, and then people start asking "Where are you? Why did you delete your account?" Ohh, so now you care about me? You didn't when I was on. In this case, I'm talking about Facebook. I deactivated it sometime shortly after my birthday a month ago. I just got really sick of it and didn't find any use for it. I mean I had it for certain reasons, but I just don't want to go on anymore--for now. It's full of egoistic people and who's better than who, supposely "funny" videos, blahblahblah. Just the same boring stuff. My sibling's all like "WHY DID YOU DEACTIVIATE IT?!" Me: "Um..because I don't feel like going on anymore." Them: "Oh..well, it doesn't really matter. You don't really go on much anyway." I'm thinking EXACTLY. So..why do you care? Hm?? Like I said, it's so FUNNY people only care when you're gone, but when you're there, they don't notice you. They don't care so I don't care either. I just don't want any drama. My siblings try to convince me to have an instagram and snapchat. I'm like "NOPE!" They're like "You're so anti-social. You like to block yourself from any social network." I'm like I don't care. I don't want to have it. I don't find any use for it. I'm NEVER going  to have instagram, snapchat, google+, or twitter. I know people say "never say never" but I actually really do mean never.  I already have facebook so of course I can't say never to that, BUT I deactivated it, and I would delete it right off the bat, but I'm not doing so for certain reasons. So deactivating from it keeps me sane.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

*Reminder to Self

No matter what people say, no matter what they think, they can say, think, do, and assume whatever they want about me but what matters the most is that at the end of the day is what I think of myself. I know who I truly am, and I'm not gonna let anyone take that away from me. They don't know the real me. They only see the surface. Only I know the real me.